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Kidzania Abbott Milk Lab ( Opening Video & Viral Video for Kidzania )

Kidzania Abbott Milk Lab from on Vimeo.

3 process of creating a branding video for your campaign

1. Knowing your target audience, age group and their passion.
Korea Campus Heroes ( Sennheiser )

Korea Campus Heroes from on Vimeo.

2. Budgeting for your campaign.

Laneige Media Launch Event Highlights

Laneige Media Launch Event Highlights from on Vimeo.

3. Find a video production company that will be able to provide
Creative Services & Content Strategy, Vocare Media Production got the low-down on the creative concepts that go viral and the video deployment strategies that can increase your campaign’s reach.Whether is in seach engine for Youtube, Google and Facebook. We will be there provide ideas and concept that will help you to plan your social media video outreach.



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