Celebrating Love// Sean & Joyce @Da Paolo Bistro Bar

Celebrating Love// Sean & Joyce @Da Paolo Bistro Bar from Vocare on Vimeo.


“It’s not often that you can marry your best friend but this is what we have achieved” Sean & Joyce

We first knew Joyce years ago when she was our project exec and the bunch of us went through the ups & downs together in the years of establishing the company. Watching her go on to develop in her career, become the beautiful wife that she is now to Sean and witnessing her journey with God unfold, is a happiness & thankfulness that we are proud of; for having been part of her journey in the beginning. Maybe in this aspect, how we presented the video, is one of simplicity. The weather was perfect but the sound system is not first class. The speech was impromptu and few but the words come from the heart. It is a simple celebration with most of friends and family, chipping in to help from the decoration to the cards, flowers, etc. There’s no pomp and circumstance on this wedding day; just a lot of heartfelt truth amidst a celebration.

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