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Watching the company showreel is one of the most important things before dropping them an email to book an appointment.


When it comes to hiring a wedding filmmaker for your wedding, most wedding couple will want to hire videographer of their budget.

For actual wedding day wedding filming, you need at least 8 hours. Normally 5 hours is allocated for the morning till noon and another 3 hours for the wedding dinner banquet. The most videographer will cover tell the wedding speech and leave the group portrait to the photographer .


Celebrating Love// Sean & Joyce @Da Paolo Bistro Bar from Vocare on Vimeo.

For solemnization, you may only need half day like 3 to 4 hours as the duration is much shorter. Share with the videography more about your special day and let them know what do you want to focus more on. Is it the moment, the behind scene set up or any special surprise.

The difference in hiring a freelancer and video production company to film your wedding is a great difference. Having two videographers can provide more perspective for your wedding. Some couple also requests for live feed, crane operator, and Steadicam operator on their special day. Drone operator is always in demand for an outdoor wedding. Do consider drone operator who has operator permit from CAAS, on your day itself do apply for activity permit to fly at the location and timing that they recommend.

There are some of you who are more musically talented, might want to consider doing a music video for your presentation . To share your gifts and talent with your family and friends.

Sam (Vocare) had the privilege to shoot for Alvin & Ella’s pre-wedding video at Guam and for those of you who have not been to Guam, the beauty of the place with its sandy picturesque beaches and church will just make the long journey worthwhile. Soundtrack’s from Ella’s new release, a song titled Thick Skin (for non-mandarin speaking folks, i don’t do justice to the official translation but in a nutshell, i gather it’s how expressions of love in all its form is nothing to be shy about (ok that’s my limited mandarin to English translation.)


Alvin & Ella GUAM Pre-Wedding MV from Vocare on Vimeo.

Singapore Wedding Music Video | Baby | Nelson & Clara from Vocare on Vimeo.

Video presentation seem to be the highlight that most of your guest will look forward. Whether is it about get to know how the couple met, the love story and their life story. Make an appointment with the videographer at their office and share with them about your life and let them play a creative role in drafting your special day & video .

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