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Palmer’s is a brand that is committed to using the finest array of natural based ingredients to deliver products that are good for you. They are innovators and inventors of a wide range of beauty products for hair care, suncare, hand & body, face & lip, and even products for expectant mothers and babies. Not only that, Palmer’s also generates products that is specially engineered for men. As a brand that is globally present and available in over 80 countries, the unique heritage and commitment to quality has stood the test of time, making Palmer’s a trusted household name, used by families for generations.

In the last 40 years, Palmer’s has devoted a fair amount of time developing formulations that they felt were able to bring out the natural benefits of Cocoa Butter which is known to have tremendous benefits and at the same time, ensure that those ingredients are put together into a very light base. Along with that, they strive to push their products into becoming an effective and competitive facial care range.

Cocoa butter also brings about numerous health benefits to rejuvenate the wellbeing of its users. Here are 5 of the abundant benefits of cocoa butter:

  1) Cocoa Butter is an incredible source of antioxidants which helps to combat free radicals, slowing down the effects of ageing on the skin. It can be applied in the form of lotions or oil and it is even edible!

   2) Cocoa butter is a great solution to restore the skin and give it more vibrancy. As dopamine, tryptophan, zinc and omegas 6 and 9 are essential for the skin’s health but largely neglected in our fast pace of life, cocoa butter provides the skin with a suitable set of health-giving elements.

   3) Cocoa butter also has the ability to sooth sensitive skin. It can favourably protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun, healing diseases such as eczema and other problems.

   4) The use of cocoa butter can also eliminate scars as it contains healing properties. With consistent use of cocoa butter, scars like old cuts, scratches, stretch marks and even acne scars will begin to fade and even disappear.     

   5) Cocoa butter is not only beneficial for the skin but it also enhances the hair’s health. Using cocoa butter oil can help you combat dry and damaged hair, making it more manageable and strong or even add volume to hair that is already healthy. 

Another range that Palmer’s takes pride in is their Coconut Oil based products. Coconut Oil is an old-fashioned ingredient that rose to fame yet again in the recent years. With it’s great antioxidant benefits, Coconut Oil is an ingredient that is not only great for applying onto hair and skin but also safe and healthy for consumption. Apart from that, Palmer’s also encircles the incredible benefits of olive oil and shea butter in their products, providing for a better you.

Palmer’s is a proud member of the World Cocoa Foundation, supporting sustainable cocoa farming and a member of the Global Shea Alliance, promoting sustainable shea production. With their long standing heritage and experience in offering superior yet sustainable formulations that generates results, Palmer’s promise to it’s consumers is the unconditional guarantee of quality at affordable prices.

Palmer’s from on Vimeo.

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