Pizza Hut: Pizza Huat Blossom CNY Special 2018 | Viral Video | Chinese New Year Video

Pizza Hut: Pizza Huat Blossom CNY Special 2018 from on Vimeo.

Just for a limited time, Pizza Hut has released yet another iconic cheesy-crust menu during this ‘Huat’ Chinese New Year period, for us to gather our family and friends for a prosperous treat!

Specially garnished with gold flakes and purple breadcrumbs, Pizza Huat Blossom is definitely not missing that pop of colour during this festive season, in symbolism of wealth and abundance. Further topped with a variety of delicious and colourful ingredients, such as turkey bacon, cream cheese and even mandarin orange slices, this seasonal pizza is surely a feast for the eyes as well.

Check out the full details on Pizza Hut’s webpage here.

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