Singapore Tatler Weddings Expert Feature

We had the privilege to film Ken & Grace twice. First time on the pre-wedding video where we filmed all around Capella, Vivo City and parts of Sentosa. Incredibly tiring but fun experience! Second time was the pool solemnization at Capella. The whole place was just a sea of dreamy cotton-candy colours. It all looks peaceful and effortless. If you have seen the behind the scenes by Capella on Ken & Grace’s wedding, you will know that there was a lot of preparation prior to that 10 mins.

Being an events planner himself, planning for an event is a walk in the park for Ken. Grace, on the other hand complements with the details in the decoration. All painstakingly handmade by Grace till wee-hours and very well crafted. You must have heard that when you meet someone, with a different strength from yourself and in a good way,you don’t even have to kiss to have fireworks go off. And you can see that chemistry between them. Alone they were good. Together, they are fantastic.


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