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May 2013


YMCA – YEP Event

Vocare is proud to announce that we are hosting the YEP sharing session on Thursday, 30th of May from 6 – 9pm held at the Gallery at scape. YMCA of Singapore is a Christian voluntary welfare organization (VWO), that conducts worldwide volunteer programs to serve and enrich members of the community regardless of …

Sensodyne TV commercial

Vocare Media recently worked with GREY and Sensodyne to produce an event TVC of 60s in English and Mandarin aired on Channel 5 & 8. Sensodyne’s roadshow at NEX aimed to educate the public on tooth sensitivity. They conducted various interactive games to engage the public in participating with the roadshow. One …


Vocare YMCA-Uni-Y Video Workshop

Vocare & YMCA has been working hand-in-hand over the past year to promote social causes using the power of video production. We empower the students with basic videography & editing knowledge to carry out their own shoot so as to create better user-generated content to further their own social causes. …


Retro Themed Wedding

We heard that a lot of you are interested to know more about the retro themed wedding as inspired in one of our videos. The word Retro was derived from a Latin Prefix  which means “backwards” or “in past times.” By adapting a retro themed event, the main idea would …

Tommy & Shyna Celebrates Love

Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you I had no control over. Tommy & Shyna | Celebrates Love from Vocare on Vimeo.