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Adel & Berenice Save The Date

Love knows no boundaries and no distance; miles and obstacles mean absolutely nothing in the face of love. Best wishes & congratulations to our golf-loving couple A&B!

The Story of Sheng Fa & Jane Part 1

Love comes when we least expect it sometimes isn’t it ? Classmates since Primary 3 (1993) in Merlimau Primary School, Sheng Fa & Jane used to play ‘catching’ a.k.a ‘Police and Thieves’ with their friends. After they graduated, both lost contact with each other until that fateful day in 2004. …

Karen & Yuen Yong’s Wedding

Awesome wedding celebration of Yuen Yong & Karen at Capella Singapore. Capella, a luxurious hotel on Sentosa Island where 30 acres of rolling hills surround you with a beautiful pool. The poolside wedding was lighted up with a soft sunset. The most beautiful place in Singapore to host an outdoor …